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The Image of God is like a twenty dollar bill that a famous lecturer displayed to her audience at a conference. She asked the audience, "who wants the twenty dollar bill?" and everyone raised their hands. Then she crumpled the bill up and again she asked, "who wants this twenty dollar bill?" Once more, everyone raised their hands. Next, she took the crumpled bill and tossed it on the ground and proceeded to step on the bill repeatedly. "Now, who wants it?" she asked. But, even after the bill was crumpled, tossed on the ground, and stomped under foot, the entire audience raised their hands to show that they still wanted that twenty dollar bill.

The Image of God is like that twenty dollar bill. Genesis 1:27 tells us that all of humanity, male and female, were made in the image of God. That divine likeness is an inherent value in every individual that cannot be altered regardless of any circumstance. Sometimes we go through the challenges of life that cause us to question our worth but the Image of God is a statement affirming our value. We understand that even when we crumple under the pressures of life, even when we are tossed aside by others who do not recognize our worth, and even when we are stomped under foot by forces beyond our control, in those moments, we are still valuable. We retain inalienable value shared with all humanity because we are made in the Image of God.

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